Airtel 3G Script Injection

<b>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Airtel 3g is injecting script and iframe into your page. After <a href=''>Thejesh GN</a> reported this & uploaded on <a href=''></a>, Israeli firm Flash networks Ltd. sent a DMCA notice to to bring it down and sent a cease & desist notice to Thejesh GN.</b><br/><br/>
<b>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;This page is a copy of the page brought down after receiving the DMCA notice. Exact copy can be found at <a href=' Please share it widely and bring it to the notice of unsuspecting users whose privacy is being compromised by such scripts.</b><br/><br/>
<h2>Script Injected</h2><br/>

<b>Script URL that gets injected: <a href=''>

<img src='/sites/default/files/thej_in_screenshot_from_2015-06-03_18-49-39.png'><br/><br/>

<b>Check the copy of that source code at</b><br/><br/>
<iframe src="" style="border:none;width:100%"></iframe><br/><br/>

<h2>iframe embedding</h2><br/>

<b>Iframe src: <a href=''>

<img src='/sites/default/files/thej_in_screenshot_from_2015-06-03_19-01-00.png'><br/><br/>

<h2>Source code</h2><br/>

<b>Code of injected script is here for you to look. You can also look at the beautified version.

What does iframe contain?

Nothing as of now. Nothing that I can see. But a browse through a code says they are trying to inject a toolbar!</b><br/><br/>

<h2>ip belongs to</h2><br/>

Ref: <a href=''>http...

<img src='/sites/default/files/iptracker.png'><br/>

<b>So whats up at<b><br/><br/>
<img src='/sites/default/files/flashnetworks.png'><br/>
<b>Google or go through the code for the rest</b>