FSMI on Open Standards in eGovernance

Free Software Movement of India congratulates the FOSS community of India on its victory in acheiving an Open Standards Policy by the Government of India. The continuous debate on the draft policy and vigilant persuasion by the community has finally paid off.

The community should now focus on sensitizing the various government departments and organisations towards compliance to these standards and implementing alternative solutions. We should extend support upto the local government bodies in identifying non-compliant solutions and deploying solutions as per the Open Standards Policy.

We should look forward to foster an environment where the country's technology graduates can be employed for engineering free alternatives in the light of the great demand for solutions that this change in policy will bring forward.

This policy should be showcased as not only a success story of a vibrant Free Software community but also as a benchmark for other government departments in our country and for other countries as well.

FSMI was quoted by The Hindu in this article as:

The focus must now shift to sensitising various government departments about compliance with this policy. We should extend support to local government bodies to help them identify non-compliant solutions and deploy solutions that comply with this new policy.”