Mon, 28/09/2015 - 21:35


Mark Zuckerberg has extended his support to Digital India and has facilitated people to express their support through Facebook with a special page However, the source code of the page makes a reference to certain terms which hint at a malified intent.

On an introspection there is a reference to “XinternetOrgProfilePictureController”. The controller code is what
executes on server side, to which end users will not have any access or knowledge about. There is another suspicious class name “_internetOrgProfilPicture_prideAvatar” which is further assisting javaScript code. This could be sufficient to suspect code being invoked to support InternetOrg.


Facebook has earlier given users' a provision to support 'celebratepride'. The source code of the respective support page didn't have any reference to such suspicious code.

InternetOrg a high profile and hyped initiative of Facebook, propelled by Mark Zuckerberg, was forcing people to support the initiative and saw the wrath and anger of freedom loving developers, hackers, activists, hactivists and community of its abuse to NetNeutrality. This has also forced Facebook to retreat and come out with a new name

Facebook also has a history of changing users' preferred primary email Ids to Ids, without taking the consent of users. From Snowdens revelations it is also clear that Facebook has given access of users data to the surveillance agencies. All these are sufficient conditions on how much Facebook values users' freedom and their privacy.

Facebook will have to comeout clear, publish the related code of the processes involved and ensure that users' choice has not been tampered with.  It is the onus of Facebook to prove a fair conduct of business and non-betrayal of the nation.

FSMI demands the Govt of India to intervene and ensure that peoples data and choice has not been tampered and used to manufacture a false consent in favour of Facebook.

FSMI calls upon the users of Facebook, activists, hactivists, developers and communities to raise their voice demanding Facebook to come out in public and share the code for public scrutiny.